David Breidenbach, David Hernandez, James AranciThe following is a list of Board members of the North Sterling Irrigation District and their terms of office:

David Hernandez, President (Div. No. 2) term expires December 31, 2022

David Breidenbach, Vice President (Div. No. 1) term expires December 31, 2021

James Aranci, Director (Div. No. 3) term expires December 31, 2020

James Yahn, Secretary of the Board

Division No. 1 encompasses the area from the reservoir east to County Road 51 (a north-south line one mile east of Hwy 113) this is the Padroni  area and a portion of the Iliff area.

Division No. 2 is the land from west of County Road 51 east to County Road 71 this is the remaining Iliff area and Proctor area.

Division No. 3 begins west of County Road 71 east to the end of the District, which is the Crook area.

Eligibility for Board Members:

C.R.S. 37-41-104 (2) “At all elections held under the provisions of this article, every owner or entryman of agricultural or horticultural land within  said district over the age of eighteen years who is a citizen of the United States, or has declared his intention to become a citizen of the United States, and is a resident of the state of Colorado and has paid property taxes upon real property located within said district during the calendar  year preceding any such election shall be entitled to vote at such election in the precinct where he resides or, if a nonresident of the precinct, in  the precinct within which the greater portion of his land is located. A corporation organized or qualified to do business in this state which owns agricultural or horticultural land within the district, and which has paid property taxes thereon, may authorize an agent, who satisfies the residency  and age requirements of this subsection (2), to vote in its behalf at all elections held under the provisions of this article or to serve as a director of the district. Any such person so qualified to vote and who resides in any county into which said district extends shall be eligible to election as a  director in and for the division in such district in which he is entitled to vote. All lands platted or subdivided into residence or business lots shall not  be considered agricultural or horticultural land.”