December 2011 Minutes

Sterling, Colorado, December 8, 2011

MINUTES of a meeting of the Board of Directors of the North Sterling Irrigation District held at their office in Sterling at 12:30 p.m., December 8, 2011.

Directors David Hernandez, David Breidenbach, James Aranci, Secretary James Yahn, and Leon Rose were present.

The group left for lunch at 12:30 p.m. and arrived back at the office at 1:20 p.m.

Minutes of Board meeting held November 8, 2011 were approved as received.

Expense for the month of November was allowed in the total amount of $30,942.16 and ordered paid as shown on sheets attached to and made part of these minutes by due action of the Board, all Directors present voting aye.

The Board and secretary reviewed attorney Ronni Sperling’s legal update. After some discussion it was the consensus of the board to stipulate to the Arnold Goode case, which was also part of the Fort Morgan case stipulated to earlier. Secretary Yahn stated that he had talked to Ms. Sperling concerning the resume, she stated that the North Sterling may want to file an opposition to a Central Colorado Water Conservancy District case in which they are adding wells to their augmentation plan. The purpose of this would be able to negotiate a settlement with them to stipulate to the North Sterling case where we are adding Allen Mitchek’s well. It was moved by Director Breidenbach and seconded by Director Aranci to file an opposition in the Central case. After some discussion the motion passed. Secretary Yahn updated the board on some groundwater meetings being held by John Stulp the Governor’s water advisor. Mr. Yahn stated that he is attending the meeting in order to monitor the possibility of any legislation. No other legislation has come to the forefront, however two ballot initiatives have been introduced which would change Colorado’s water law. Mr. Yahn said he would watch the development of these initiatives.

This being the meeting at which election results are to be finalized and there having been no more candidates than offices to be filled for the North Sterling Irrigation District and the Designated Election Official having duly published notice of cancellation of the election scheduled for December 6th, 2011, James Aranci was declared by the Board of Directors to have been elected by acclamation to be Director for Division No. 3 of said District for the term of three (3) years from January 1, 2012.

Secretary Yahn brought before the board a request by the Logan County Economic Development Corporation for North Sterling Irrigation District to become a member and have Mr. Yahn serve on their board. Mr. Yahn reported that the cost to become a member $500. After some discussion it was the consensus of the board not to become a member.

The board and secretary discussed the upcoming O’Neal water auction. A question as to whether the board would allow RE-1 Valley to purchase District acres in an amount less than the 40 acres which was a requirement of the board. After some discussion it was the consensus of the board to allow anyone who doesn’t currently have land in the District to purchase and include a minimum of 20 acres in the District.

Secretary Yahn brought before the board the matter of Christmas gifts for the employees. Director Aranci state that he thought that this year a Christmas bonus be given since it was a good year for farmers within the District. Director Breidenbach suggested that it be large enough to show our appreciation. After some additional discussion it was moved by Director Breidenbach and seconded by Director Aranci, that for Christmas all employees, except Jed Frank be given a $1,000 bonus, which employees may place in their IRA or take as cash. Mr. Frank would be given a $50 gift certificate. Upon being put to a vote the motion passed. Secretary Yahn informed the directors that a steak lunch would be held at the shop on Thursday, December 22 for the employees and Directors.

Mr. Yahn relayed to the Directors that Jed Frank would be leaving once the reservoir is full in the next couple of weeks, therefore the District would be looking for someone to replace him.

Secretary Yahn stated that current storage is 67,121 acre-feet or 90% of capacity and that the current inlet diversion is approximately 407 cfs with about 206 cfs reaching the reservoir.

Mr. Rose brought up the need for a box scraper to be used to smooth areas on the ditch bank that were rough or have been repaired. He stated that he had priced an 8 foot box scraper at G&M Equipment and at Riverside Fabrication. The price was $2,500 at G&M with cylinder and hoses and $2,200 without a cylinder at Riverside. The price of a cylinder and hoses is approximately $250. It was moved by Director Aranci and seconded by Director Breidenbach to purchase a box scraper from Riverside at a cost of $2,200 and also purchase the necessary cylinder and hoses. Upon being put to a vote the motion carried.

With no further business to come before the Board the meeting was adjoined at 2:30 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

James T. Yahn, Secretary

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