November 2011 Minutes

Sterling, Colorado, November 8, 2011

MINUTES of a meeting of the Board of Directors of The North Sterling Irrigation District held at their office in Sterling at 11:30 A.M., November 8th, 2011.

Directors David Hernandez, James Aranci, Secretary-Manager James Yahn, and Leon Rose were present.

The group left the office immediately for the River City Grill to have lunch and returned at 12:20 P.M.

At lunch Secretary Yahn discussed with the directors the possibility of legislation concerning groundwater.  Mr. Yahn stated that he asked the governor’s water advisor, John Stulp, if he could attend a meeting to discuss groundwater which was the second such meeting and was allowed to attend.  Mr. Yahn relayed to the directors the events of the meeting and stated that Randy Fisher, representative from Fort Collins and Jerry Sonnenberg, representative from Sterling were both in attendance.  Mr. Yahn stated that purpose of the meeting was to discuss the situation of high groundwater in some areas.

Minutes of Board meeting held October 7th, 2011 were approved as received.

Expense for the month of October was allowed in the total amount of $36,527.97 and ordered paid as shown on sheets attached to and made a part of these minutes by due action of the Board, all Directors present voting aye.

The Secretary and directors discussed the monthly  report from our attorney.  It was moved by Director Aranci and seconded by Director Hernandez to stipulate in the Arnold Good/Fort Morgan Reservoir and Irrigation Company case.  After some discussion the motion passed.  Secretary Yahn was instructed to inform our attorney to sign the stipulation. Secretary Yahn was also instructed to talk to Allen Mitchek about his feedlot well.  Secretary Yahn stated that he would need more time prior to making a recommendation on this month’s resume.

Secretary Yahn informed the directors that since there were no more candidates than offices to be filled the election was cancelled.

Mr. Yahn stated that he had a bid from Rubicon for an automated headgate to replace headgate 26.  The cost of the headgate and associated equipment was $29,755.  It was the consensus of the board that this was too expensive and should not be pursued any further.

Secretary Yahn stated that there is an Ag Water Summit on December 1 in Loveland put on by the Colorado Ag Water Alliance.  It was the consensus of the board for Mr. Yahn to attend.

Secretary Yahn and the directors discussed the rules concerning the O’Neal Water Auction that is to take place on December 19.  The board agreed the rules as presented by Secretary Yahn were sufficient.

Secretary Yahn informed the board that the current storage in the reservoir is 47,004 acre-feet (63%) and the current flow in the inlet is 460 cfs with 338 cfs flowing into the reservoir.

With no further business to come before the Board the meeting was adjourned at 12:50 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted,

James T. Yahn, Secretary

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