January 2012 Minutes

Sterling, Colorado, January 10, 2012

MINUTES of a meeting of the Board of Directors of The North Sterling Irrigation District held at their office in Sterling at 12:30 P.M., January 10th, 2012.

Directors David Hernandez, David Breidenbach, James Aranci, Leon Rose, and Office secretary Vickie Smith were present. Secretary James Yahn arrived at approximately 1:30.

The Directors and Mr. Rose immediately left for lunch and returned at 1:15 p.m.

Minutes of the Board meeting held December 8th, 2011 were approved as received.

Expense for the month of December was allowed in the total amount of $45,667.63 and ordered paid as shown on sheets attached to and made a part of these minutes by due action of the Board, all Directors present voting aye.

With no further business for the year 2011 to be considered by the Directors, the Board as organized for the year 2011 adjourned sine die.

With Mr. James Aranci, being the newly elected Director and duly qualified to serve as the Director in and for Division No. 3 of the District during the ensuing three year term, the new Board was then duly organized for the year 2012 with David A. Hernandez as President, David Breidenbach as Vice-President, and James Aranci as Director. James Yahn was appointed to serve as Secretary of the Board.

It was the consensus of the Board not to have an annual meeting this year but instead to have a gathering at the reservoir in mid-June to allow the landowners to view the changes made to the reservoir and to celebrate the 100th year of water first reaching the reservoir.

Secretary Yahn brought before the board the matter of the Colorado Water Congress (CWC) appealing ballot initiatives 3 and 45 to the Colorado Supreme Court on the basis that they are not single title issues, which is required of all initiatives. Mr. Yahn explained that the initiatives are an effort to change the Colorado constitution to make the State a public trust in dealing with water rather than the doctrine of prior appropriation. Mr. Yahn stated that CWC is requesting funding to help in the court appeal. It was moved by Director Breidenbach and seconded by Director Aranci to contribute $1,000 to the CWC to help in the appeal effort. Upon being put a vote the motion passed.

The board reviewed an audit engagement letter from Lauer, Szabo, and Associates. In the letter the firm proposed to perform an audit of the District’s 2011 accounts at a cost of $2,700. It was moved by Director Aranci and seconded by Director Breidenbach to allow Lauer, Szabo, and Associates perform the District’s audit. Upon being put to a vote the motion passed.

The Board took under consideration the attached petition for exclusion of land from Stephen E. O’Neal Trust and Betty J. O’Neal Trust and attached petitions for inclusion of land from David A. and Veronica Hernandez, Jeffrey J. and Yvonne K. Kielian, Stephen J. and Marcella P. Breidenbach, Dobie Creek LLLP, Michael A. and Lynn C. Bournia, School District Re-1 Valley, Gordon A. and Doris E. Schuppe, and James T. and Tracy D. Yahn and attached petition for inclusion of land and enlarging the boundaries of the North Sterling Irrigation District and inclusion of land therein from 4-S Land Co. LLP. The Board instructed Secretary Yahn to advertise date of February 8, 2012 as the date for hearing of said petitions.

Mr. Yahn requested that he be allowed to attend the annual Colorado Water Congress Convention in Denver on January 25 through the 27. Mr. Yahn stated that the Prewitt Board would be paying for the fee this year. It was the consensus of the board to allow Mr. Yahn to attend.

Secretary Yahn stated that current storage in the reservoir is 69,757 acre feet (93.5%) and that no diversion is currently being made.

With no further business to come before the Board the meeting was adjourned at 2:10 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted,

James T. Yahn, Secretary

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